What is this all about?

I’m Rick and I spend a lot of time alone in a car.  I mean a lot.

A consequence of all this time with just myself and my thoughts is that my rampantly active mind is constantly coming up with newer, stranger ideas.

Eating West Virginia is one of these ideas.  Here’s how it happened…

I’m driving up Interstate 79 one day…heading to yet another destination in Pennsyltucky…and the age-old question of ‘if you could do anything for a living what would it be’ popped into my head.

The answer was almost instantaneous.

I love food.  I love wine.  I love France.

My dream job would be to travel through every départment/commune/province in France…N, S, E, W…eating and drinking in every single thing that shining beacon of gustatory perfection has to offer and reporting my findings (in great detail) back to any and all other like-minded francophiles via the internets in a format similar to this.

Then reality set in.

I’m not wealthy.  I have un mari and three doggies.  I have a mortgage.

And I live in West Virginia.

But wait!  People in West Virginia eat and like food!

I mean, sure…it’s not the haute cuisine of France.  Not even close.

But definitely there’s a certain je ne sais quoi in my home state when it comes to food.

West Virginians are a hard-scrabble lot…often having to make due with what’s on hand. The culinary tradition here reflects the creativity and ingenuity that you find around the world wherever times are hard and folks are industrious.

The Mountain State is made up of fifty-five counties.  And I intend to hit every one of them and report back…here…on the food highlights.

Joining me (when possible) will be the incomparable Rusty Hefner, whose wit and taste I rely on just about every day.

Occasionally there will be special guests joining us.  And always these missives will include, not just the food, but the people we meet along the way.

We will also cover relevant food festivals that occur throughout the year….ramp festivals, the Road-Kill Cookoff, the West Virginia State Fair, the WV Hotdog Festival…just to name a few.

Lastly, we will focus strictly on non-chain restaurants.  Greasy spoon to fine dining…doesn’t matter.  If there’s something unique in a community we want to try it!

I want this to be reflective of local food.  I will research each county prior to setting out and plan to contact the local county government for recommendations.

Any of my Facebook friends who have favorite West Virginia places to eat please don’t hesitate to message me or leave a message here.

First up…Barbour County!  Sometime in May 2014.

Stay tuned!!

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Visit HERE to find out more about West Virginia Fairs & Festivals…

And you can find out more about tourism in the Mountain State HERE

9 thoughts on “What is this all about?

  1. Great idea! Love it! Can I be a special guest in a future episode? Maybe for in-the-wrapper microwaved pepperoni rolls from a Flatwoods gas station? Or some cachapas from El Gran Sabor in Elkins? I’ll meet you anywhere!


  2. Hi guys, let me intro myself. My name is Jeff Hatfield, and yes I am a direct descendant of the hatfield family in the famous feud.
    WHERE: Historic Matewan
    PLACE: Hatfields Outback Grill
    WHAT TO TRY: I know it’s a relative
    simple dish, but try 2 hotdogs on toasted buns with Miss Madonna’s
    Famous Chili (at least in our family).
    With sweet potato fries.
    IF YOU EAT TOO MUCH: We have cabins we rent to trail riders on the Hatfield-McCoy Trail System. Stay the night and check out our rich history of the H-M Feud, and The Matewan Massacre, the massacre re-enactment play is done 10 times per year, try to schedule your visit during one of these weekends. Call
    me and I will be happy to put
    together a great trip for you schedule a tour of the feud sites, and an airboat tour as well.
    Jeff Hatfield (304) 426-5153/Hatfields Outback Grill &
    Cabin Rentals.


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